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Arquivo para Conrad


Recorde-se que o Malinowski era leitor de Conrad. O Coração das Trevas é um relado tão denso quanto belo. A obra completa você encontra aqui.
“‘The horror! The horror!’
“I blew the candle out and left the cabin. The pilgrims were dining in the mess–room, and I took my place opposite the manager, who lifted his eyes to give me a questioning glance, which I successfully ignored. He leaned back, serene, with that peculiar smile of his sealing the unexpressed depths of his meanness. A continuous shower of small flies streamed upon the lamp, upon the cloth, upon our hands and faces. Suddenly the manager’s boy put his insolent black head in the doorway, and said in a tone of scathing contempt:
“‘Mistah Kurtz—he dead.’